Mrs Basanti Biswas

Dear Parents,
Welcome to Calcutta Girls' High School, Asansol.

We, at Calcutta Girls' High School, believe that every child is SPECIAL. Each and everyone is blessed with talents. It is this school's constant endeavour to give its students ample opportunities and guidance in order to nurture and manifest these God-given gifts.

We aim to make our students inquisitive, encouraging their scientific temperament and powers of reasoning, their thirst for discovery of new facets of each subject as they rise from one standard to the next.

We want our young learners not to follow but to lead, no to memorise but to comprehend, not to be mere bystanders but active participants. We encourage a spirit of healthy competition that will enable our students to face life's challenges as they step out from the school and set on a successful career.

We guide our students from the very start to help them develop into perfect individuals who know how to share with, care for and spread love in the society of which they will be a part.

Calcutta Girls' High School is a big family which started in 1856 and will continue to blossom in the years ahead. We are proud that you are a now a part of this lovely family. Never forget that

Basanti Biswas